We provide services like group dances, personal training, song settings choreography, corporate workshops in various dance forms like bollywood, hip hop, contemporary, break dance, b-boying, salsa, jive, zumba & Jazz.

Group Dances

We choreograph and teach group dances for many events and competitions. Choreographies can be done for various dance forms such as Hip Hop, Contemporary and Bollywood etc. So if you have got an event or competition in mind, don’t forget to contact us!

Personal Training

Because of busy schedule and prior work commitments, a lot of people face difficulties while trying to attend the dance class at a pre-set schedule. Thus, we have come up with a unique solution for them- Personal Training! It means that our world-class tutors will personally show you how to do some cool moves in various dance forms. Want to have some one-to-one attention? Sign up for our personal training service now!

Song Settings Choreography

We, at the DanceTrak, help o set choreographies for different songs in many styles such as Bollywood, Salsa, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary etc. So if you have a desire to dance to a particular song, contact us soon!

Corporate Workshops

Dance workshops are an all-time-hit all over the world. We conduct many corporate workshops from time-to-time. So if you are ready to attend this fun-filled workshop, be sure to join us!

Batch Timings

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